Orlan Valerick


5’9" 180lbs Pasty white skin with shoulder length black hair, thin scar on face, always wearing a light-weight dark grey hooded cloak. Kind of an Edgelord.

Akoros – Imperial City
Noble – disappointing runt

Weird/Salia – One of The Reconciled (Charhollow)



Orlan Valerick is a Akorosi male in his early 20’s – you can call him Val. He was pressed into Spirit Warden training by his family but quickly grew a distaste for the Spirit Wardens and everything they do. When Val would not destroy a newly released spirit of one of his childhood friends, Muris, his trainer took charge of the situation and destroyed Muris’s spirit, slowly and horrifically right in front of him. His trainer, Obed Hetty, was so furious with Val he struck him with all his might, fracturing his bronze mask below the left eye and breaking it in two diagonally under his nose – burning him with electroplasm as the energy from the mask released.

The scar is not as bad as you would imagine, just a fine line along where the mask was fractured. That was Val’s last day as an initiate of the Spirit Wardens and began his goal to aid spirits to escape the fate of the Spirit Wardens. “We will all be spirits one day. And, sure, we will all go mad but until the day we become a threat we should be left to our existence.”

During his training, Val excelled in visualizing and Attuning to the Ghost Field (Attune: 2) but was a bit weaker in his physical combat training (Skirmish: 1). Having nowhere else to turn, Val became entangled in the criminal underworld. He has learned to consort with gangs (Consort: 1), blend into the shadows (Prowl: 1).

Val has befriended a rogue spirit named Nyryx. Nyryx was about to be caught by a Spirit Trader named Flint when Val created a diversion allowing the spirit to escape. Nyryx doubled back and tracked down Val to thank him the following day. Since then, the two have formed a loose alliance to watch each other’s backs in Duskvol. Val has not had any further run-ins with Flint but knows to watch out for him because that score is unsettled.

Orlan Valerick

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